Verdicts and Settlements

Verdicts and Settlements

Our Attorneys have recovered when others said there was no case

Automobile Negligence Settlements:

  • $1,250,000.00 - - Motorcyclist sustained below the knee amputation when he was struck by a motor vehicle.
  • $1,350,000.00 - - 18 year old student suffered a T8 through T11 spinal fracture resulting in paralysis from the waist down after being thrown from a Jeep that was speeding, left the roadway and rolled several times.
  • $937,500.00 - - College sophomore struck while crossing the road in front of her dorm sustained a mild closed head injury.
  • $1,457,500.00 - - Woman cutting her yard on a riding mower was killed when a semi truck left the road.
  • $1,900,000.00 - - College student struck by drunk driver who was served at a bar. Suffered closed head injury. Dram shop claim settled against the bar.

1st Party (No Fault) Settlements:

  • Settled: $400,000.00 - - Claim for home modifications and attendant care settled for amputee.
  • Settled: $600,000.00 and future residential expenses settled. Insurer argued the need for treatment was due to unrelated substance abuse problem.
  • Auto Club Insurance (AAA) agreed to pay the family of a quadriplegic attendant care at $37.00 per hour and future rate increases.


  • $823,314.47 paid for past attendant care and medical expenses. Insurer paid an additional $582,007.00 to settle the outstanding residential placement, attorney fees and agreed to pay future residential care.
  • Verdict: $1,000,000 – Amerisure paid for no fault first party claims for a man injured 18 years before the lawsuit. The insurance company claimed mental problems due to schizophrenia that was unrelated to the accident.
  • Verdict: $5,100,000 – rendered in Washtenaw County Circuit Court for a woman killed when she was struck by a semi truck
  • Verdict: $500,000 in Jackson County Circuit Court for a slip and fall victim.
  • Verdict: $1,200,000 in Livingston County Circuit Court for a young girl who sustained a closed head injury as a result of a motor vehicle accident.
  • Verdict: $600,000 in Washtenaw County for a first party claim for residential brain injury care against Farmers Insurance Company.
  • 70 year old quadriplegic denied home modifications and attendant care by Auto-Owners Insurance Company. Jury awards home modifications and attendant care.
  • Verdict: $350,000 in Washtenaw County Circuit Court against Citizens Insurance Company for failing to pay attendant care services.
  • Verdict: $250,000 in Washtenaw County Circuit Court for a woman bit on the hand by dog.
  • Verdict: $500,000 for underinsured motorist benefits against Auto-Owners Insurance in Washtenaw County Circuit Court. After court awarded attorney fees and costs the matter settled for $634,690.05.
  • Verdict: $521,050 – A Washtenaw County jury awarded against Farmers Insurance for a 1st party residential claim. After court awarded interest, costs and attorney fees the matter was settled for $707,899.31.
  • 23 year old man suffered a spinal cord injury in a motor vehicle/motorcycle accident. He underwent stem cell surgery in Portugal to regenerate damaged nerves. Auto-Owners denied the claim. In the first trial on this issue in Michigan, a Calhoun county jury awarded him the cost of the surgery and travel, totaling $52,800.
  • Verdict: $1,500,000 in a products liability case for a 50 year old man injured when defective straps were used when the banding broke and caused injury to his hand.
  • Verdict: $500,000 and a Washtenaw County jury awarded lifetime medical coverage – an emergency room physician suffered a closed head injury in a car accident. The insurance company claimed behavior changes were due to an unrelated illness.
  • Verdict: $500,000 – Washtenaw County jury awarded residential medical expenses against Allstate Insurance Company. Allstate claimed treatment was unnecessary and that the Plaintiff suffered from unrelated mental illness.
  • Verdict: $110,000 – Wayne County jury awarded a woman who suffered a closed head injury and future medical benefits after State Farm denied the claim for the reason that the woman was the alleged owner of the uninsured car involved in the accident.
  • Verdict: $1,300,000 – Wayne County jury awarded to a man in a malicious prosecution claim against Van Buren Township.
  • Verdict: $200,000 – Washtenaw County jury awarded in no fault benefits against Nationwide Insurance Company.

Arbitration Awards:

  • 2009 - $135,000 award for an out of state plaintiff who slipped and fell at AutoZone.
  • 2007 - $650,000 – First party no fault arbitration award for medical expenses. 
  • $750,000 arbitration award for automobile negligence victim. 
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