Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian Accidents

Ann Arbor Lawyers: Pedestrian Accidents

Students, senior citizens, school children - - the streets of Ann Arbor are busy with pedestrians, in-line skaters, and non-motorized vehicles including bicycles, skateboards and scooters. It seems that this activity, rather than putting drivers on alert, provides a dangerous distraction. When a pedestrian or skater is struck by a car, the individual, completely unprotected, is likely to suffer a head injury, paralysis, or death. The driver of the automobile may barely notice the impact.

Pedestrian claims: overcoming preconceptions

Not only motorists, but insurance companies and juries often assume that in a pedestrian accident, the pedestrian was somehow at fault. Yet a majority of these accidents occur at crosswalks, where Michigan law clearly requires cars to yield the right of way to pedestrians. Attorneys at our firm, Logeman, Iafrate & Logeman, P.C., have the skill, the experience, and the resources to present compelling arguments to insurance adjusters, arbitrators, and juries on behalf of our clients. If we take a case, it is because we sincerely believe our client deserves the compensation we are fighting for.

Finding compensation for the injured pedestrian in a hit-and-run

Even if you were injured in a hit-and-run accident, there may be several sources of compensation for your medical bills, including a no-fault insurance policy belonging to another member of your household. It is important to identify all applicable policies as soon as possible after your accident to see that you recover full compensation. If you would like a lawyer from our personal injury practice to review your claim, please contact our office and arrange a free consultation.

Read about our lawyers' success in representing victims of car and pedestrian crashes: Verdicts and Settlements. More information is available on related areas:
Our lawyers serve clients throughout Michigan. We are committed to helping the injured recover full and fair compensation for their economic losses, pain, and suffering. Please feel free to contact the firm at any time for advice or for help with your auto accident injury claim.

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