Help With No-Fault Claims

Help with Your No-Fault Insurance Claim

Free Help: Filing No-Fault Insurance Claims

Michigan is a no-fault insurance state. Most motorists who purchase no-fault personal injury protection coverage (PIP) do not fully understand what they own. This is broad coverage, extending to other members of your household, and will pay lifetime medical expenses and 85% of lost wages for up to three years. If you are killed in an auto accident it will compensate your family for up to three years of survivors' loss benefits. In addition, no-fault insurance pays up to $20 a day for replacement services - - having your lawn mowed, your house cleaned, laundry, and other tasks you ordinarily would have performed yourself. There are also other benefits available under the Michigan no-fault insurance law.

Free help with your no-fault insurance claim

Insurance companies routinely deny legitimate personal injury claims - - and too often they get away with it. In order to see that victims of car accidents recover the compensation they deserve, our firm, Logeman, Iafrate & Logeman, P.C., provides a complimentary no-fault claim service. If you or a member of your family has been injured in any type of motor vehicle accident, please contact our office. In order to see that you are treated fairly, we will fill out and file your claim on your behalf. There is absolutely no charge for this service.

Pitfalls in motor vehicle accident claims

These are complicated claims. Simple mistakes policyholders make can prevent them from collecting the benefits they deserve. We will see that:

  • Your claim is filed on time: There is a strict one-year time limit for filing a no-fault insurance claim.
  • Your claim is complete: Your medical condition and other information must be properly documented. If not, your insurance company may deny the claim when there is no time to correct the omission or error.
  • Your claim is filed with the correct company: If you mistakenly file your claim with the wrong company, you may not receive a response until the one-year deadline has passed.
  • You are paid for care you provide: No-fault insurance should reimburse you, at a fair rate, for attendant care you provide for the injured person, even if the injured person is a family member.
  • You are paid for home modifications: An amputee or other person disabled in an accident is entitled to compensation for necessary handicap accommodations.
  • Your legitimate claim is not denied on the basis of another medical condition or pre-existing condition.

When do you need to hire a lawyer?

If your insurance company is handling your claim properly, you do not need an attorney. If your legitimate claim is denied, you are not receiving payment, or if there is some other problem in dealing with your insurance company, our attorneys can help resolve the matter for you. When you talk with us, we will explain exactly what we can do to help. If you have a case of insurance bad faith, you may be entitled to damages in addition to your original claim.

More information related to motor vehicle injury claims:

Attorneys at our firm help clients throughout Michigan with auto accident injury claims, and are committed to helping the injured recover full and fair compensation for their economic losses, pain, and suffering. Please feel free to contact the firm at any time for advice or for help with your auto accident injury claim.

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