Accidents By Drunk Driver

Accidents Caused By Drunk Drivers

Drunk Driving Accidents

If you were hit by a drunk driver or lost a loved one in a fatal accident caused by drunk driving, there is no question that the responsible driver was negligent. However, it may be difficult, in a DUI accident case to recover all compensation you need and deserve. You may be eligible for benefits from several insurance policies, including your own auto and health insurance policies, the responsible driver's policy, uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, and liability insurance covering the person or business who served alcohol.

Who served alcohol to the person driving the car?

If the case involves a dram shop claim (a claim against the server of the alcohol) you must prove the driver was visibly intoxicated at the time the last drink was served. These are difficult and complex cases. It is important to hire an attorney at the first opportunity so the firm can begin the appropriate investigation while the evidence is fresh and witnesses can be identified. Your lawyer must send a notice to the bar, restaurant, or club within 120 days of being retained to represent you. Since you do not necessarily know until the investigation is underway who served that drink, your attorney must be very careful to write up your attorney-client agreement to exclude a dram shop claim from your original contract.

Get a legal opinion at the first opportunity

If you would like one of our lawyers to review your claim for injury or wrongful death resulting from a drunk driving car crash, please contact our office to arrange a free consultation. At that meeting our attorney will explain exactly what your options are, what types of insurance might apply to your claim, and how to proceed. It is our goal to see that you recover full compensation for your loss.

More information related to drunk driving crash injuries:

Our lawyers serve clients throughout Michigan. We are committed to helping the injured recover full and fair compensation for their economic losses, pain, and suffering. Please feel free to contact the firm at any time for advice or for help with your auto accident injury claim.

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